“Kurdish language is our identity and existence”

Kurdish teachers in North and East Syria stated that education in the mother tongue is one of the most important achievements of the Rojava revolution and they will not allow demands seeking to eliminate this gain.

PYD (Democratic Union Party) Co-Presidency Council member Aldar Xelîl, who was a guest on Ronahî TV, made remarks on the talks among Kurdish political forces and stated that ENKS (Kurdish National Council in Syria) opposed the Kurdish education system and the co-presidency system. He stated that ENKS stipulated that the materials of the Damascus government be used instead of Kurdish education in order to continue the talks with the PYNK (Kurdish National Unity Parties).

Kurdish teachers stated that education in the mother tongue is a dream for them and they will not allow anyone to use education in mother tongue as an obstacle to the Kurdish unity.

Speaking on the subject, Fadil Cawiş, a member of the Shehba Canton Democratic Society Education Committee, noted that the ruling powers have tried all methods, trying to destroy the culture of the Kurdish people, imposing their own language and mentality, and putting a ban on education in the mother tongue.


Stating that so many martyrs have fallen to establish the education system in Northern and Eastern Syria since the Syrian crisis began, Cawiş said, “A great price has been paid for the establishment of a democratic and free system. However, ENKS wants the education system to return to pre-2011 period. This situation is not acceptable. The occupying Turkish state imposes the Turkish language in the regions it has occupied. Kurdish education is prohibited in schools in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. Even though ENKS seems to represent the Kurdish people in the Syrian opposition, it cannot prevent the Turkish state from imposing the Turkish language on the Kurdish people in the occupied areas.”


Medya Eli, a member of the Kurdish Language Committee of Hesekê Schools General Administration and a teacher, pointed out that many sacrifices and efforts have been made for education in Kurdish and said, “ENKS wants to eliminate our gains by disseminating these discourses. We will never accept ENKS's demands. Education in Kurdish has been revived as a result of the efforts of the peoples of the region for years. Our revolution is also a revolution in which everyone speaks in their mother tongue. These discourses aim to destroy the revolution. Everyone should know well that the Kurdish language is our identity and existence.”

Medya Eli considers the demand of ENKS to reestablish the education system of the Syrian government as opposed to the demands of the Kurdish people.


One of the teachers of the Kobanê Martyr Hogir School, Leyla Aslan said that they rejected the demand of ENKS to revive the education system of the Damascus government and added, “As teachers in Kobanê, we reject this demand. We do not accept any other education system other than the Kurdish education system. Our youth have sacrificed their lives for education in Kurdish mother tongue.”

Arguing that ENKS aims to take sides with the Damascus government through this discourse, Leyla added that "ENKS aims to convince its partner in Syria to this end."


Esmehan Cemîl Qeşo, one of the teachers of the Seqir Qureyş school in Qamishlo, said the following;a “Some ENKS administrators cannot speak Kurdish very well. Today, they do not accept their children to receive education in their mother tongue. "