Kurdish Language Commission visits Urfa Bar Association

The Kurdish Language Commission visited the Urfa Bar Association and stated that, "We want to do politics in Kurdish in Kurdistan."

The Kurdish Language Commission, formed by the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), visited non-governmental organizations on Thursday. The commission, which included HDP Co-Spokesperson Salim Kaplan, deputies Dersim Dağ, Ahmet Taşçer, and Ayşe Sürücü, and Amed Provincial Co-chair Zeyyat Ceylan, paid a visit to the Urfa Bar Association. Urfa Bar Association President Mehmet Velat Izol and members of the board of directors welcomed the group.

Speaking at the visit, HDP Urfa Deputy Ayşe Sürücü stated that they are striving to spread the Kurdish language and said, “Kurdish should become the language of politics. We want to make politics in Kurdish in Kurdistan.”


Salim Kaplan, HDP Co-Chair responsible for the Language, Culture, Art, Sports, and Education Policy Commission and Co-Spokesperson of the Commission, emphasized the importance of having a trilingual sign at the entrance of the Kurdish Language Commissions of Kurdistan's bar associations, and Urfa Bar Association. Referring to the pressures on Kurdish, Kaplan said, “The Kurdish language is not just a problem that the HDP should focus on. Since the founding of the Republic of Turkey, assimilation policies and oppression of Kurds have existed. These pressures are becoming more intense by the day. As HDP, we confront constant pressure and obstacles in our daily lives. There are direct linguistic assaults. Demonstrations might not be prohibited, but Kurdish music is.”

The delegation will meet with non-governmental organizations in Mardin during the day.