Kurdish intellectuals and artists call for national unity

Many artists and intellectuals from all four parts of Kurdistan attended a meeting in Cologne to discuss Kurdish national unity.

Kurdish artists and intellectuals gathered in Cologne to discuss Kurdish national unity. The conference was called Artist and Intellectuals Initiative for National Unity.

Reminding that during the period time of colonial powers, the Turkish state in particular, increased the attacks on the Kurdish people, the artists at the meeting emphasized the importance of national unity.

Şivan Perwer apologised for the mistakes he made in the past

One of the participants at the conference was Kurdish artist Şivan Perwer. Perwer started his speech criticising himself and apologising for the mistakes he made in the past.

Artists and intellectuals discussed the roadmap for the work to be carried out to reach Kurdish national unity.

Following the meeting, 47 artists, writers, scientists and academics published a joint declaration. The declaration, which drew attention to the recent invasion attacks carried out by Turkey against Rojava and Kurdistan, called upon all forces to gather under the roof of national unity saying this was everyone's social responsibility.

Call to world intellectuals and artists

The declaration said: "The aim of these attacks is to destroy all Kurds. With the latest occupation attack, the Turkish state aims to destroy all the gains and status of the Kurds, wherever they are, and wants to guarantee its own existence on the destruction of the Kurdish people."

The declaration, which points out that artist and intellectuals are defenders of humanity, hope, freedom and enlightenment throughout the world, made the following call:

"At a time when genocide is imposed on the Kurdish people, intellectuals and artists living around the world should not leave us alone, with their help we can make our voices heard. We see that there are forces that want to eliminate the Kurdish people before the eyes of the whole world, and the workers and intellectuals of art must take a strong stance against this destruction process."

The call continued: "The gains of the Kurdish people can be protected only by national unity and this can be achieved through a common struggle in all parts. Therefore, the existing stances must be ended. We call upon all responsible forces to gather and work to establish national unity."

First signatories:

Ehmed Huseyni (Poet), Ali Zülfikar (Painter), Bahrem Hoca (Painter), Cemal Abdo-Mirê Hêkan (Painter), Prof. Celîlê Celil (Researcher, Çetin Oraner (Artist), Ciwan Teter (Poet-writer), Çeleng Omer (Researcher-academician), Çoppy (Artist), Delîl Mîrsaz (Artist), Dilavere Zengi (Author), Diyar Dersimi (Artist), Laborer (Artist), Ekrem Heydo (Film director), Ekrem Efram (Painter), Eli Sayit (Artist), Ersin Çelik (Director-journalist), Eziz Mamle (Artist), Ferhat Tunç (Artist), Firaz Mohamed Ramadan (Theater), Garip Dost (Artist), Hani Mojtahedy (Artist), Helim Yusuf (Author), Hemen Kurdaxî (Poet-writer), Hesen Şerif (Artist), Kawa Nemir (Author-translator), Mehmud Berazî (Academician-musician), Mehmet Bayrak (Researcher-historian), Melevan Resul (Journalist-Writer), Merwan Berekat (Literary), Mizgin Tahir (Opera singer-Musician), Mikail Aslan (Artist), Münir Şêxê (Artist), Necmettin Xulamî (Artist), Reşit Sofî ( Academician-musician, Salihê Heydo (Artist-researcher), Sefkan Orkeş (Artist), Şehribana Kurdî (Artist) ), Shemdin (Artist), Sivan Perwer (Artist), Şaliko Bekes (Writer-actor), Teymur Evdikê (film director) Tara Cafe (Artist), Zana Omar (Academician), Xelil Xemgin (Artist).