Kurdish Film Festival kicks off in Düsseldorf

The first Kurdish Film Festival in Düsseldorf will open tomorrow night with the movie Rojbash by Özkan Küçük.

In today’s world, where cultural diversity is more prevalent than ever before, the first Kurdish Film Festival in Düsseldorf (DKFF) provides a unique opportunity to serve as a platform for Kurdish cinema.

The festival will open tomorrow, Thursday, with the European premiere of the film Rojbash by director Özkan Küçük. Rojbash tells the story of a group of Kurdish theater actors who came together to stage the play they staged 25 years before.

The festival, organized by the cinema team Art Records, will last until April 28.

This is the first edition of the festival and special attention will be given to the Yazidi community. The festival aims to make a statement about the necessity to preserve and further develop the language, culture, and history of the Kurdish people, especially in the face of intergenerational political repression.

Kurdish filmmakers and artists, said the organizers, play a "significant role in disseminating and preserving the cultural identity of their people. Their works are not only regarded as artistic expressions but also as historical documents and testimonies of resistance against oppression and injustice. They provide insights into the Kurdish community’s way of life, showcasing its strength and resilience against all odds, while also contributing significantly to informing, educating, and dispelling prejudices."

Yilmaz Güney holds a special place in this context. As an actor and director, he is considered both a pioneer of Kurdish cinema and an ambassador of Kurdish culture across borders.

In addition to film screenings, the DKFF’s program includes discussions, lectures, and cultural events that provide many opportunities to become acquainted with Kurdish culture and history and promote values such as tolerance, understanding, and solidarity.