Kurdish Culture Week begins in Nuremberg

The 11th Kurdish Culture Week has begun in Nuremberg, Germany.

 The 11th Kurdish Culture Week began on May 25 with the motto "Ji bo Çanda xwe, Nasnameya xwe, Azadiya Gel û Welatê xwe!" (for the freedom of culture, identity, people, and country).

The Culture Week will continue until May 28 with a variety of activities.

On the first day of the festival, Kurds from Nuremberg gathered in traditional attire.

During the cultural festival, the artist Emele will display model walls of Kurdish culture and models displaying the symbols of Kurdish cities.

Kurdish folklore and several Kurdish local plays were displayed on the first day of the festival.

Ali Medya from Nürnberg Media House, who made the opening speech of the festival, said, “Art and culture are essential components of any society. In this regard, we see a high level of interest in the 11th Kurdish Culture Week. Being in exile is undoubtedly difficult. But the continuation of such vital cultural events is what will keep us and our children alive. We hope that it will be passed down from generation to generation.”

Cengiz Şahin, member of the Nuremberg Council of the Greens party, who attended the event, said, “The fact that such major cultural events have been taking place for eleven years adds an unique beauty and color to the scene. In the presence of everyone, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to making this festival in Nuremberg.  Culture is like emerging from the ashes. Nuremberg is a city that has just received a human rights award. At the same time, the Kurds are a people who constantly resist and do not back down. In this regard, I wish everyone here prosperity.”

The Mayor of Nuremberg also extended a statement of congratulations to the Kurdish Culture Festival.

Kurdish singer Hani Moytahedj performed on the opening day of the event as part of the festival schedule.

On the second day, the film Blackberry Time will be presented to city inhabitants.

On the third day, a panel discussion will be held with Ahmet Yıldırım, Turgut Öker, Kerem Schamberger, and Murat Çakır.

Kurdish musicians Ozan Canê and Rotînda will perform on the fourth day.