Kurdish artist Beytocan passes away in exile in Sweden

Kurdish artist Beytocan, who was treated for cancer in Sweden for a long time, passed away this morning.

Family and friends announced that 68-year-old artist Beytocan passed away in Stockholm in the morning.

Beytocan had been receiving cancer treatment for a long time and had undergone  serious surgery a while ago. Part of his jaw had to be removed and a piece of his foot was replaced. He had difficulties speaking.

Beytocan released four albums throughout his artistic career. The album “Yan mirin yan Diyarbekir” was banned in Turkey. In an interview he gave before he passed away, he explained that he was trying to make his music under impossible circumstances.

Beytocan was born in Silvan, in the province of Amed, in 1955. He was arrested during the 12 September fascist military coup and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He remained in prison for 6.5 years before being released in 1987.

Beytocan released his first music cassette in 1990, and he had to emigrate to Sweden a year later, in 1991.