Koma Şiyar wins first prize in Mîhrîcana Govenden Festival

Koma Şiyar from the city of Salzgitter, who performed a dance unique to the Wêranşar region, won the first prize in this year's Mîhrîcana Govenden Festival.

The 34th edition of Mihrîcana Govenden Kurdistan, the longest running festival organized by Kurds living in Europe, has come to an end.

On the last day of the two-day event held in Hannover with the slogan "Our Culture is Our Identity", 23 govend (dance) teams exhibited their skills for the jury team and thousands of Kurds who attended the event.

The Mîhrîcan Festival was hosted by Yılmaz Kaba and Berfin Hezil. The event started with a minute’s silence in memory of the martyrs who took part in Kurdish cultural work and all the artists who lost their lives.

Artists Hozan Xanemîr, Diyar Mehrovî, Baran-Serhat and Serhan trio gave the participants a good time with their Kurdish strans (songs).

Veteran folklore teacher Welî Botî, speaking on behalf of the organizing committee, stated that Mîhrîcan is a cultural festival rather than a competition, and added: "The important thing is to support this culture and keep it alive."

TEV-ÇAND representative Dîrok Viyan stated that such activities are the best answer to the assimilation policies imposed by the enemy, and added: "We resist with culture just as we resist in war and politics, and we will continue to resist."

Hannover People's Assembly co-chair Rêwî Rêdur also stated that they are honored to host such an event and said: "We congratulate our young people who protect our ancient culture."

Salzgitter group won first prize

Koma Şiyar, from the city of Salzgitter, got the first prize this year with the dances specific to the Weranşar region, while Koma Evîna Welat, who participated from Basel, won the second place with dances from Bitlis; Koma Laleş from Celle won the third prize.

Koma Faraşîn and Koma Şehîd Delil Çiyager folklore groups from Berlin were deemed worthy of the Special Jury Award, while the Costume Award was given to the Koma Evîna Welat women's team, and the Research Award to the Koma Kulîlkên Welat team from Duisburg.