'Kobane Calling' comic translated into German

The comic of Italian cartoonist Michele Rech (alias Zerocalcare), which depicts the Kobanê resistance, is now available in German.

At the time when the ISIS gangs conducted attacks on Kobane, Italian cartoonist Michele Rech alias Zerocalcare who went to Suruç as a supporter drew cartoons about the resistance for Kobanê. Zerocalcare's graphic novel 'Kobane Calling' has been published now in German and is set up like a series about the Kobanê resistance.

The 34 years old blogger and cartoonist Michele Rech, or with his alias Zerocalcare, is in Italy one of the most renowned political caricaturists. In October 2014 when the ISIS gangs attacked Kobanê and a fierce battle broke out, Zerocalcare headed to Urfa's Suruç district bordering Kobanê and joined supporters of the Kobanê resistance.

Zerocalcare spent some time on the border of Northern-Western (Bakur-Rojava) Kurdistan and began to draw cartoons of Kobanê. Some of these cartoons have been published throughout the last two years in the Italian weekly magazine Internazionale. Because there was great interest in those cartoons, they also got published as a separate book.

It didn't take long for the book to be sold out, so it was reprinted many times. The revenues gained through those books have been invested in Kobane's reconstruction. With 8000 Euro he earned through his comic, Zerocalcare bought an ultrasonography which he donated to the small hospital in Kobanê.

After its translation into English eight months ago, the graphic novel 'Kobane Calling' is now also available in German. It consists of 272 pages and is printed by the publishing company Avant based in Berlin.

Cartoonist Michele Rech depicted in his book what he witnessed on the Kobanê border, so fans of this comic book have the opportunity to learn about the fight in Miştenûr, generally about the Kurdish freedom struggle as well as the resistance mounted against the ISIS brutality.

The book 'Kobane Calling' can be ordered here: