Ji bo Azadiyê screened in Berlin

The film Ji bo Azadiyê (The end will be spectacular) had its opening in Berlin. Speaking after the screening, director Ersin Çelik said: "Artists and intellectuals should be as brave as the fighters."

The film Ji bo Azadiyê is a fiction feature telling the story of Sur resistance. The film opened in Berlin, at the Babylon cinema, the first public screening in Europe.

The cinema was crowded with a curious audience including Kurdish cinema artists, intellectuals and politicians.

The film was screened to pay tribute to commander Çiyager, who was one of the heroes of the Sur resistance, and to all the martyrs.

'Artists and intellectuals should be as brave as the fighters'

After the screening, director Ersin Çelik answered questions from the audience. Çelik said: "I greet you on behalf of the Rojava Film Commune and the thousands of volunteer people who contributed to the film."

Çelik added: "Today there is an occupation and genocide being carried out in all four parts of Kurdistan. This genocide is not only a physical one. From culture to land, from stones to trees, this genocide is being carried out in many ways. Today, Hasankeyf was flooded, Serêkaniyê, the historical city of Kurds, was occupied a few months ago.

Such is the situation that Kurdish artists and intellectuals are just as brave as fighter. In this film we wanted to reflect that courage of the fighters in Sur as the wars in Afrin and Raqqa continued, because this is our country with a reality of war, occupation and resistance, and art despite everything should continue."
Ji bo Azadiyê will be screened in different German cities.