INALCO approves online course for Kurdish teachers

The project offered to future Kurdish teachers was accepted by the National Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilizations (INALCO).

In order to solve the problem of the lack of Kurdish teachers, the European Kurdistan Teachers Association (YMK), Sorbonne presented a project to INALCO, one of the founders of Paris Cité University. The Kurdish course project was accepted.

Stating that they welcomed the decision, YMK President Abdulkadir Ulumaskan called for aspiring teachers to join the course which will be online and will last 30 hours.

"We expect our university students who know Kurdish and Sorani to take advantage of this opportunity and play a role in putting an end to the lack of Kurdish teachers. So far, 20 of our friends have applied to join this course," said Ulumaskan.

The YMK President said: "This course is at the level of C2 certificate. A Pedagogical Formation Certificate in Kurdish will be given and this will be an important reference. It is an important opportunity for those who want to teach and translate Kurdish at European level. We cannot guarantee that anyone who receives the certificate will become a Kurdish teacher. This decision is at the discretion of the educational institutions of the countries. But we can indeed say that the Sorbonne University is a recognized university in the world."

Ulumaskan added: "The course will be done online and will be given for a total of 30 hours. It will be an intensive course. It will run 5 days between 6 and 10 July 2020 and 6 hours will be given every day. Kurdish teacher candidates who want to attend the course can apply until 30 April. Those who succeed in the exam to be held at the end of the course will be given a Pedagogical Formation Certificate by the INALCO Institute of Sorbonne University for the C2 level of Kurdish and the ability to teach."

Applications can be sent to:

YMK E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone. 0157 77066113

Phone. 0176 72509932

Phone. 0176 84305690