Hozan Diyar Dersim says Turkey's operations in South Kurdistan damaging Barzani's reputation

Hozan Diyar Dersim argued that Turkey's operations in South Kurdistan are also damaging Barzani's reputation and called on all peshmerga, Kurdish forces, institutions and the people to take a stand against these provocations.

Hozan Diyar Dersim said that the latest attacks by the KDP in support of Turkey in Metina have rendered the efforts of artists and mothers futile. He added that these attacks are unacceptable. Diyar Dersim said that the attitude of the KDP is contrary to Mesut Barzani's words ‘I will not allow Kurdish blood to be shed by Kurds as long as I live’ and added that in fact this was an operation against Barzani's reputation. Hozan Diyar called on all peshmerga and Kurdish forces, institutions and people to take a stand against these provocations.

Speaking to Rojnews, Diyar Dersim, reminded that a group of artists from 4 regions of Kurdistan, expressed themselves against the possibility of a civil war among Kurds, as this could lead to a major disaster.

Diyar Dersim added that they spoke about their concerns during the meetings they held in Erbil. “We shared the concerns of the artists about the current situation among Kurds with the Peshmerga Ministry, Mr. Mesut Barzani, and some other personalities. We share these concerns with both the public and the authorities. We conveyed the views and concerns of the artists to the Kurdish public through the media.”

Hozan Diyar said that, despite the artists’ stance being welcomed by the people and many institutions, the recent events in Metina were aimed at nullifying their efforts. "At that time, we said that artists were afraid of a possible civil war; guerrilla and peshmerga’s mothers are afraid, our people are afraid. Because we have suffered so much. Civil war is like a dirty dagger. Today, it is clear from the media that there is a new attack on guerrilla areas."

Noting that this is unacceptable, Diyar Dersim said: "As artists, we say it again; we cannot accept this. We have been saying that the areas where guerrillas have been deployed for 20-25 years should remain the same. Now, as it happened a year ago, every force must return to its former place."