HDP celebrates Circassian Language and Writing Day

Celebrating the Circassian Language and Writing Day, the HDP endorsed the demands of the Circassian people.

Tülay Hatimoğulları, deputy co-chair of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Peoples and Beliefs Commission, issued a written statement to mark 14 March Circassian (Adyghe) Language and Writing Day.

In the statement Hatimoğulları said: "The anniversary of the writing of the first Circassian book, the Circassian Dictionary, by Bersey Wumar on 14 March 1853, has been celebrated as language day in the Republic of Adygea since 2000.

Since 2003, by the decision of the World Circassian Association, 14 March was accepted as 'Circassian Language and Writing Day'.

The Circassian people demands

In the statement, the demands of the Circassian people were listed:

"- Elimination of obstacles to the survival of Circassian identity and culture,

 - Ensuring the right to education in one's mother tongue, opening academic programs at universities,

- Ensuring the right to TV and radio broadcasting in Circassian,

- Renaming the Circassian villages with their original names,

- Allowing children to be given names in Circassian language."

Hatimoğulları said: "We stand by and endorse the rightful demands of the Circassian people."