Guerrillas: The enemies flee the areas leaving their supplies behind

The Turkish army launched an invasion attack on the village of Kestê in Metina, part of the Medya Defense Areas, on 14 May, but fled the area leaving its supplies behind thanks to the guerrilla resistance.

The Turkish state launched an invasion operation against the village of Kestê in the Metina region on 14 May. The guerrillas spotted the Turkish soldiers and spread along the area carrying out actions against the invading forces. As a result of the actions carried out by the guerrillas, 3 invading Turkish soldiers died.

One of the guerrillas who took part in the action described the clashes as follows: "We engaged in combat with the soldiers in the early hours of the morning. The enemy knew well that this area would become their grave. The enemy's reconnaissance planes are still hovering above us, but no matter what they do, they will not be able to break our resistance."

When the clashes ended, the guerrillas recorded the supplies of Turkish soldiers with their cameras. The images show the invaders fleeing, leaving their supplies behind.