Great interest in Öcalan’s book in Cambridge and Oxford

Seminars promoting the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan's book “Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization” has drawn great interest in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Seminars continue across the world for the English translation of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan's book “Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization”, his defense text named Civilisation.

Seminars for the promotion of the book were also held in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, both of which are among the leading ones around the world, as well as in the London School of Economics (LSE), Dublin, Leeds and Brighton.

Havin Güneşer from the International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, Peace in Kurdistan” who translated the Kurdish leader's statements of defense into English, anthropologist David Graeber and Thomas Jeffrey Miley, Lecturer of Political Sociology for the University of Cambridge made presentations during the seminar which was moderated by Dilar Dirik who told about the practice of the democratic nation model in Rojava lands that she visited a while ago.

Güneşer summarized the general terms of Öcalan's philosophy, exemplifying the practices with the developments in Rojava (West) and Bakur (North) Kurdistan.

The concept of democratic nation, Öcalan's historical and sociological analysis, development of the Kurdish women's movement and the sense of self-defense are among the main themes that have drawn attention from the crowds attending the seminars, who included professors, lecturers, students and individuals from various folks.

Güneşer stressed that highlighting Öcalan's freedom also meant an effort to overcome the male-dominant crisis of state, capitalism and colonialism in the Middle East, and called upon the initiatives to support this demand.