Fidan Doğan Women's Festival will be held on 3 July in Paris

The Fidan Doğan Women's Festival will be held on 3 July in Paris. Speaking to ANF about the festival, the members of the preparatory committee called for strong participation.

The organisation of the 4th Fidan Doğan (Rojbîn) Women's Festival, which will be held on 3 July in Paris, continue.

Promoted by the French Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-F), the festival will be held with the slogan ‘It's time to defend free women and free society from femicide’ and will take place at Parc Interdepartmental in the Val de Marne region of Paris.

The festival this year is dedicated to Leyla Agirî (Filiz Aslan), a member of the KJK Executive Council, who fell a martyr durinh the Turkish state's air attack on Medya Defense Areas in June 2020.

Yelda Ebbasi, Nuarin, Meral Alkan, Tamil folk dances, Kevana Zêrîn, TEV-ÇAND govend (dance) groups will take part in the festival.

Fidan Doğan was brutally executed together with Sakine Cansız and Leyla Şaylemez in Paris on 9 January 2013.

Call for participation

The Preparatory Committee called on all Kurdish people, especially women, their friends and feminist movements to join the festival. Activists from Strasbougr, Paris and near cities will all join.