Exhibition for peace opened in Manbij

The Syrian Women's Assembly and the Manbij Culture and Art Committee promoted an exhibition in the committee building as part of the "Peace without borders" initiative.

Representatives of civil society organizations as well as the people of the region attended the opening.

Speaking at the exhibition, Syrian Women's Assembly member Rula Osman said that the Assembly is fighting for peace and that women's freedom is the main path to social peace.

Nezîfe Xelo, co-chair of the Executive Council of Manbij Civil Administration, celebrated World Peace Day on 21 September and said: “ISIS mercenaries carried out all kinds of violence against the people of the region. To mark World Peace Day, we want to send our message of love and peace to the whole world. Our people, who have defeated terror with their fighters, will pave the way for peace all over the world."

After the speeches, poet Ehmed El-Yusif and Îbrahîm El-Mustefa read their poems. The reading was followed by a theatre play.