European Youth Culture and Sports Festival to be held on 14 July

The Festival will take place in the Hague, the Netherlands.

This year, the European Youth Culture and Sports Festival will take place in the Hague, the Netherlands, on July 14th.

Ciwanên Azad and Jinên Ciwanên Azad are preparing the festival, named  "Alternative to Fascism, Liberation of the Leader".

The Festival organising committee issued a written statement about the festival's preparations and work. The promoters called on 'all Kurdish, internationalists and young people' living in Europe to join the festival.

The organising committee said: "Capitalist modernity today is brutally attacking our social life in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world. The targets of these attacks are primarily young people and women. Because youth and women are the essence, root and true guardian of social life."

The statement added: "It is our aim to combine our energy, our enthusiasm, our excitement and our strength against this brutal capitalism. This struggle is possible through the way showed by Rêber Apo [President Abdullah Ocalan], who redefines sociality, freeing us from the cells of social history, and presents reality to us. Because Rêber Apo is the founder and owner of the philosophy that makes social life, stands up against the individualized world, tries to spread its struggle all over the world, and is the herald of the salvation of mankind."

For this purpose, as young people living in Europe, the statement said, "we want to share our laughter, our excitement, our dance and enthusiasm. For this is the Youth Culture and Sports Festival in memory of all the Mazlum, Ali Çiçek and Leyla Şaylemez who lost their life for freedom ".

At the festival artists Koma Zelal, Medi, Muharrem and Ergîn Xelîkan will be on stage. Invited is also an Irish Dance Group among other guests.