DKP/Union says: Let's raise Ibrahim Gökçek's voice

DKP/Union issued a statement in support of Grup Yorum member on death fast, Ibrahim Gökçek and said: "Now it's our turn."

In a written statement the Revolutionary Communards Party / Unity (DKP/Birlik) reminded that music band Grup Yorum has been in action since the day it was founded. "It is an art set for revolution. Grup Yorum was present when many of us took their first steps in revolutionary movements."

Noting that Grup Yorum "is also in a position above the political traditions with its revolutionary art and production", the DKP/Union added: "Ibrahim Gökçek is a revolutionary artist and a member of Grup Yorum. Ibrahim Gökçek is very close to Bobby Sands" [the Irish republican who led the hunger strike in Long Kesh, North of Ireland against the British establishment]."

The statement added: "Helin Bölek, like Bobby Sands, is like an 'unfinished song' and has now become an infinite 'song' for all of us. Let the voice of Ibrahim Gökçek rise. Now it's our turn."