Dersim Festival banned

The traditional festival has been banned by the Governor.

The Governorate of Tunceli has announced that it is 'banning' the 18th Munzur Culture and Nature Festival, which was expected to begin tomorrow, Thursday.

The application made to the Governor for the 18th Munzur Culture and Nature Festival planned by the Federation of Dersim Associations (DEDEF) between 26-29 July was rejected.

The Governor's Office announced that the festival has been banned as it was organised with the purpose of "recruiting elements and getting finance for the organisation".

Festival Organising Committee chair, Ali Haydar Ben reacted strongly to the banning of the festival and announced that they will make a press statement at Seyit Rıza Square on Thursday at 6 pm.

Ben said that they can ban the festival but not its spirit and the visit to the centers of faith.

This was perhaps the first 'test' for the new government as to culture and respect for culture and traditions is concerned. The new AKP-MHP government has failed the test acting precisely as it was expected: by banning the festival.

Censorship is what to expect, no matter whether the State of Emergency is in place on not.

The dangerous policy carried out by the fascist regime is the same it always was: everything, culture, associations, politics, unionism, human rights, need to be banned and censored in order for the system to sustain itself.