Conference on Hawraman in Halabja

A two-day conference aiming the promotion of Hawraman Culture organised under the lead of KNK kicked off in Halabja.

A conference aiming the promotion of Hawraman Culture organised under the lead of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) kicked off in Halabja earlier today with the participation of many guests from South and East Kurdistan and abroad.

The two-day conference is attended by KNK Co-president and members, and members of many institutions, political parties and organizations.

Conference organising committee member Jale Naqshebendi spoke to ANF on the event.


Neqshebendi stated the following: "The goal of this conference is to bring to the agenda the people of Hawraman that are fading into oblivion with their language and culture, and to re-promote their language and culture. We believe that officials will show Hawraman the attention it deserves after this conference."

Noting that 80 delegates from East Kurdistan are attending the conference, Naqshebendi said: "We actually wanted to organise this conference in Hawraman but due to lack of opportunities, we decided to hold it in Halabja. Our conference is planned on 12 topics. We are only able to address these 12 topics due to our limited time since our conference will last for two days."

Speaking at the conference, KNK Co-president Rêbiwar Reshid expressed his hope that the conference could be a start for the co-existence of all social and ethnic groups in Kurdistan, which could also set an example to the whole world.

Calling attention to the attacks and attempts of invasion against Kurdistan with the ultimate goal of annihilating the Kurdish culture, arts, history and traditions, KNK Co-president continued: "All the forces that occupy Kurdistan have aimed to destroy the Kurdish culture and history and make their own cultures dominant and sovereign instead. This conference aims to keep the culture, tradition and language of Hawraman alive. Therefore, this conference must be able to be a strong response to those occupying Kurdistan."

Reshid described commitment to Hawraman as commitment to Kurdistan, and added: “Kurdistan is the land of progressives and Hawraman is always in the heart of all progressives."


KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency sent a written message to the conference in which it saluted the conference, describing it as an “act of humanity” as it aims to keep the language, culture, history and geography of Hawraman alive.

Describing the people of Hawraman as not only a part of the Kurdish nation but also the roots on which the Kurdish nation arose, KCK remarked that the roots and purest form of the Kurdish language and culture exist in Hawraman which is therefore the living history of the Kurds.

KCK pointed to Hawraman society's closeness in democratic modernity as it was never contaminated by capitalist modernity, stressing that the society of Hawraman provides a basis on which quests for an alternative system could be made real thanks to the approach towards nature, women and humanity.

Stressing that Hawraman, Soran, Kurmanc, Zaza, Lor, Sunni, Shia, Alevi, Êzidî, Kakai and other communities that have created Kurdishness together must all be protected and kept alive in order for Kurdishness to live on.

“If Hawraman people go extinct, Kurdishness will go extinct. If Sorans, Kurmancs, Êzidîs and Yarsans go extinct, Kurds will go extinct. All these communities must be kept alive in order for the Kurds and humanity to live”, added KCK.