Children's Festival in Shengal

After suffering abuses and violence, Yazidi kids return to smile.

For the first time in Shengal a children's festival was organised.

Happiness reflected in hundreds of children’s faces was something worth seeing, said the organisers.

The Yazidi people are slowly rebuilding a new life, after being subjected to massacre and attacks many times throughout history.

The Yazidi people lived perhaps one of the worst massacres of recent years, in August 2014, at the hands of DAESH mercenaries.

Yet, despite the death and horrible abuses that women, children and men have suffered, the Yazidi people continue to stand on their feet.

The children's festival was organized by the Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ), through their association in Duhla.

Dozens of children together with their families attended the festival and enjoyed themselves.

Culture and art events for children were organized and children themselves sang during the festival.

Given the success of this first festival, organisers have decided to hold similar events for children in all districts and villages of Shengal.