Bor Seyit, the oldest bookstore in Raqqa

Bor Seyit Bookstore opened in 1957 and is the oldest bookstore in Raqqa. Because of the war in Syria visitors to the bookstore have decreased considerably.

Bor Seyit bookstore, opened in 1957 and is one of the oldest bookstores in Raqqa. Jihadist mercenaries set thousands of books on fire during the ISIS invasion badly affecting the bookseller. Located close to the Raqqa Museum, the bookstore sheds light on the cultural and political change of the region for the last 50 years.

All the intellectuals who came to the city visited the historical bookstore. The variety of the books offered, including important works of world literature, made the bookshop a precious stop for all book lovers.

Ahmed El Habur, one of the founders of the bookstore, is also a member of the Arab Left Movement. Habur told ANHA that he established the bookshop on the task given by his party, and at the time the bookshop was established, Raqqa was a province affiliated to Deir Ez-zor.

"The opening of the bookshop was originally for the distribution of Nur Newspaper, the publication organ of the Arab Left Movement," Habur said. Nur Newspaper was followed not only by party members but by everyone. The newspaper helped spread leftist ideas in a short time. Soon, many opinion newspapers and books started to appear in the bookstore. The bookstore played an important role in the cultural and political change of Raqqa for the last 60 years. "Many political meetings were held throughout the long history of this place."

Many regulars of the bookstore could not go to it because of the war in Syria for many years. Yet, despite everything, the bookstore's doors are still open to its guests.