Book on Öcalan promoted in London

The new book on Öcalan titled “Your Freedom and Mine: Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdoğan’s Turkey” was promoted in the event held in SOAS University of London.

The book edited by International Peace Delegation member Cambridge University faculty Jeffrey Milley and Federico Venturini was received with great interest. The promotion event was organized by Black Rose Books, Peace in Kurdistan, KNK UK, Britain Kurdish Society Center and the Freedom for Öcalan Campaign.

Political activist Dimitris Roussopoulos, Dr. Thomas Jeffrey, Dr. Radha D’Souza from the Westminster University, Labour Party and European Parliament MP Julie Ward, former author and journalist Jonathan Steele, UNITE International Director Simon Dubbins and Joe Ryan from the Westminster Peace and Justice Commission spoke in the event and KNK Representative Adem Uzun participated through video conference.

The moderator was Dr. Federico Venturini in the promotion event, which was organized as a panel discussion. The contents of the book was relayed to the audience and issues like “A revolutionary imprisoned in an island holding the key to peace in the Middle East, Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan being called the ‘Kurdish Mandela’ by various circles for his proposals on the conflict between Turks and Kurds” were also discussed.


Adem Uzun gave the first speech and said, “In this book, you will find Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas on Democratic Confederalism in particular. Öcalan’s ideas, which hold the key to the current issues in the Middle East, were relayed quite well in this book. This has also been a very well prepared book on the Kurdish national struggle paradigm, human rights and freedoms and women’s struggle for freedom.”


This book is very important in several ways,” said Simon Dubbins and stressed the following: “For starters, this book shows us the importance of being an organized force. It shines a mirror on us, so to speak, and shows us the power and importance of solidarity. Secondly, the history of solidarity is analyzed from various viewpoints and its history is relayed, so this book actually shows us the way for individuals with pro-freedom ideas to further themselves and for movements to get stronger. Thirdly, another significance of this book is that it is spreading Öcalan’s ideas and other matters we mentioned to much larger masses. This book has also taken on a mission to expose the disgusting truth in Turkey and Syria, and to further our struggle for humanity against this, spreading it to the masses.” Dubbins also spoke about the injustice, inequality and anti-democratic practices in Erdoğan’s Turkey.


Dr. Radha D’Souza stressed that the book should be read and understood by all groups, and continued: “I want to speak with you more about political prisoners. Abdullah Öcalan is one of the most critical and important political prisoners in the world. The same issues are also present in my country, India, and the number of political prisoners is on the rise. We live in an age when almost anyone who poses ideas for humanity and peace and engages in activism is attempted to be imprisoned. Like in Turkey, in my country unionists, progressives and intellectuals are being arrested. This book will also give you detailed information on political prisoners, love, peace and equality and how the Middle East issue can be resolved through Öcalan’s ideas.”


Joe Ryan from the Westminster Peace and Justice Commission said: “I am very happy for Jeff and Federico. This book was created through great labours. It is a documentary, a historic document that summarizes the Middle East and a book to let the world know Öcalan’s analyses and pose solutions to the war issue. For many people, it will be a resource.”

The book’s editor Dr. Thomas Jeffrey called on the audience and said, “In the book we talk about Democratic Confederalism, Öcalan’s ideas and the injustices implemented in Turkey under Erdoğan’s rule. You can also find the significance of the Kurdish struggle and how it poses an example for the world. We also tried to relay women’s struggle and its significance in the book.”