Berbû by Sevinaz Evdike wins Travessias award at Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Women’s Film Festival

Berbû, a film about how the war in Serekaniye and the invasion of Turkey affected the lives of three young women, won the Travessias award at Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Women’s Film Festival.

Serekaniye director Sevinaz Evdike won the Travessias (Crossings) Award at Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Women’s Film Festival in Portugal with her feature Berbû.

The jury said in their motivation for the award: "It is with great pleasure that we, the Jury, announce the Prize of the TRAVESSIAS Competition for the film The Wedding Parade by Sevinaz Evdike, her first feature film, for being a film of political resistance, a film of human and geographical crossings about life stories of the northern Kurdish people From Syria, stories of death, loss and pain, but also of struggle and resistance.

Shocking images of women suffering from patriarchal culture, martyrs and tragedies of people living in a war-torn landscape and who, faced with uncertainties, threats and constant risks, and facing the near impossibility of having something to celebrate, strive to move and give new directions to their dreams, wishes and hopes with each new attack of Turkish bombs leaked under a sky that cannot protect them. "

The film follows three young Kurdish women, Gule, Barin and Naze, who are planning their life-long dream wedding in Serekaniye, a city threatened by war.

When the first bombs hit the city, they flee, and their destinies change, as do their dreams. The impact of war on these women and their everyday lives is laid bare in this deeply moving film.