"Bazên Zagrosan" - New song by guerrilla band Awazê Çiya

The music group Awazê Çiya, consisting of guerrilla fighters, continues with their artistic work even in times of the most severe attacks on the Medya Defense Zones.

While the Turkish army is attacking South Kurdistan in violation of international law, the music production of the guerrilla band Awazê Çiya [Voice of the Mountains] continues uninterrupted. The music group has released the song "Bazên Zagrosan" [Hawks of Zagros] together with a video on Wednesday about the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish invasion attacks on southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The title of the song refers to the guerrilla's counter operation against the Turkish army, which has been carrying out a new wave of invasion attacks on South Kurdistan since April 23.

The music group dedicates the video to "creator of the spirit of resistance", Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and "to all freedom fighters ".

The music group said, “The resistance will defeat betrayal and fascism.”