Aryen Culture, Art and Research Atelier in Van trains very small children in Kurdish

Aryen Culture, Art and Research Atelier in Van educates future artists to preserve and pass on Kurdish culture by providing music education to children aged 2 to 5 in Kurdish.

Aryen Culture, Art and Research Atelier is the only institution in Van that carries out work in the field of music, art and culture. Another feature of the workshop is that it is the first and only place to give music education to children aged 2 to 5.

The work of the atelier attracts great attention from families in Van. Violin, baglama, santur, kaval, erbane, guitar and music theory courses are also given at the atelier. Not only music is taught, the atelier in fact also provides training in the field of painting and theatre. There is also a cinema section in which photography training and documentary projects are developed.

Fadime Polat, who teaches at the atelier, said that the aim of opening the course for small children is to keep the Kurdish music and culture alive, as it is on the verge of disappearing. The atelier wants to make productions of Kurdish music and to provide Kurdish music education to younger generations. Stating that they give rhythm and note training to children aged 2 to 5, Polat added that she also gave santur classes. Polat said that they first opened the courses with 11 teachers 2 years ago, but these have been reduced to 7.

Polat said that there are courses in three different branches, namely music, theatre and painting, and added: "We provide rhythm and note training to children aged 2 to 5 in music. Apart from that, violin, baglama, santur, kaval, erbane, duduk, guitar and the theory of music are given. Our female teacher, who trains children in painting, also teaches teenagers. Then we have theatre teachers who train new actors. We provide artistic training to people of all ages and genders without discrimination. The majority of our students are children.”

Polat said that families are very interested in the courses offered by the atelier, because Aryen is the only place that provides music education to very small children and education is given in Kurdish.

Polat said: “Today, there are thousands of places that provide artistic education. But none of them give this training in our mother tongue. Think of a place where your two-year-old child goes and speaks and sings Kurdish as he/she does at home.”