Amude: Where France and Northern Syria cultures met

Asya Cultural Centre will host activities to promote French and Northern Syrian cultures.

Intellectuals and artists coming from France have established a Culture and Art Center in Northern Syria.

The centre has been named Asya Association and the promoters said the centre is a tribute to the many colours of the region and areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and will be used by the many visitors to Northern Syria.

The centre in particular aims at establishing a cultural link between the peoples of France and Northern Syria, and has been opened in Amude, in the district of Qamishlo.

The Asya Association has presented the necessary documents to the Council of Culture and Arts of the Canton of Cizire to open the Culture and Art Centre.

The application was granted and work is underway to open the centre.

Co-chair of the Cizire Canton Culture and Arts Council, Bêrîvan Xalid, said that after the council accepted the proposal, activities to collect funds for the center have begun.

According to the general plan, part of the center will be dedicated to sport events, while another will be dedicated to activities to promote French culture.