Amed walls bear witness to the history of the city

The city walls of Amed, built 5,000 years ago and later restored by different civilizations, bear witness to the history of the city and its good and bad times.

Although the history of the walls of Amed is not completely known, it was reported that they  have been restored by the Roman Empire in 349 A.D.

The present shape of the walls of Amed is that due to the restoration made by Emperor Constantius II.

It is thought that the first city walls were built by the Hurrians, who ruled the city in 3000 B.C.

Dagkapi, Urfakapi, Mardinkapi and Yenikapi were the four main entrance gates of Amed walls which had also 82 towers, such as Goat tower, Ben u Sen, and 7 brothers.

The walls are 12 meters high and 5 meters wide. They run for a length of 5 kilometers.

The walls of Amed, estimated to have been built in 350 years and have survived to this day. 

In 2015, during the autonomous-administration resistance, the walls of Amed became the target of the Turkish state.

the historical walls were repeatedly shot at by Turkish forces. Hz. Suleyman mosque was destroyed by the Turkish state with construction machinery.

The watch towers are visited by many tourists and historians every year. The city walls of Amed witnessed a lot of the good and bad times in the history of the city. The walls of Amed also bear traces of many historical events.