A Syrian musician talks about his pain

Musician Ömer Gülcan left Syria and is now living in Antep but dreams of going back to his city, Azaz.

Syrian artist Ömer Gülcan settled in Antep after leaving his country. "Syria - he said - is like I left it in my dreams. I look at Syria, not the ruined Syria, but the old Syria”.

The civil war Syria has been living for seven years has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people. Millions were displaced from their homes and forced to emigrate.

Syria's culture variety also suffered heavy blows.

Ömer Gülcan, a 58-year-old Syrian artist has found refuge in Antep. He comes from the city of Azaz and talked to Mesopotamia Agency about his longing for a peaceful environment in Syria.

Gülcan has 43 years of music experience behind. He published 36 album singing Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish songs, and can play 7 instruments.

He studied at Aleppo and Damascus State Conservatory for eight years. For him music is something he could never give up, is a necessity.

Gülcan said that after leaving war-thorn Syria, he has been playing at weddings in Turkey and tried to make music for local television programs.

Talking of the songs he has composed about his country, he said: “I’ve written some, but I tear and throw them away before publishing them. Because we are all wounded and hurt. And I do not want to pour salt on that wounds”.

Saying that he considers Antep as his own land, he stressed that he misses his country very much.

Gülcan added that his memories are buried under the ruins of Syria. "Syria is now like I left it in my dreams. When I look at Syria, I see Syria not the ruined Syria, but the old Syria. No country deserves to become this. It's a very difficult situation. When I first came here, I thought that we would be able to go back soon."

The musician ended his remarks by saying: “I see my country being torn apart by foreign countries and it is painful. No one is doing the interests of the Syrian people. Everyone is thinking about their own interests. We do not want our country to be divided. Foreigners should get their hands off Syria. We want peace to come as soon as possible”.