Êzî Holiday celebrated in Shengal following 3 days of fasting

Yazidis in Shengal celebrated the Êzî Holiday following 3 days of fasting as per their faith.

Yazidis fast for 3 days in the first or second weeks of December, which has the shortest days of the year. Yazidis of Shengal are on their week of fasting now, which is called “Rojiyên Feqîran”.

On the fasting days -Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday- there is no shedding blood, swearing or working. These days are focused only on prayer.

Before the 3 days of fasting, there is a sacrifice made on the “Roja Serbirê”, the “day of the sacrifice”. The Friday following the 3 days of fasting is “Cejna Rojiyên Êzî”, the “Êzî Holiday”. According to the Yazidi faith, the people who fast must also keep their tongues and avoid any bad words.

The fasting was completed for this week and now it is time for the holiday. From Friday morning onwards, Yazidis started to visit their relatives’ graves. They also visit friends and family to celebrate the holiday, and offer each other gifts and food.

Yazidis in Shengal fast in the first week of December and call it “Rojiyên Feqîran”.

Yazidis in Shexan and Lalesh fast in the second week of December and call it “Rojiyên Babe Şêx”.