Zîlan commemorated in Berlin and Sydney

“Zilan has been a leading figure for women and humanity all over the world."

Zeynep Kınacı (Zîlan) who gave her life to protest the attack against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, on 30 June 1996, was commemorated in Berlin and Sydney.

The commemoration in Berlin was organized by the Free Young Women's Movement and was held at the People's Council.

The act began with a minute silence for the martyrs, after which families spoke. The letter written by Zeynep Kınacı was read and Nilo Dersim made the opening speech on behalf of Free Young Women.

Dersim said: “Zilan has been a leading figure for women and humanity all over the world."

Speaking on behalf of the Berlin People's Council, Nugeiyan Gunay said that Zilan encouraged every Kurdish woman and man to question themselves.

Daye Köker mentioned the meaning and importance of martyrs. 

Şemse Kılıç said: "Our head is upright. It is a honour to say we are families of martyrs. ”

İbrahim Özsular said: "We are honoured to commemorate our martyrs and we will follow on their step."


In Sydney not only Zeynep Kınacı, but also internationalist martyr Reece Harding and the civilians killed by the Turkish state in South Kurdistan were commemorated.

At the commemoration DKTM Co-Chair Gülfer Olan made a speech remembering the determination and spirit of Zeynep. 

In his speech, DTKF president İsmet Taştan condemned the massacres carried out by the Turkish state in South Kurdistan.

Taştan also criticised the KDP attitude and silence towards the attacks.

The poems written by Reece Harding, the Australian international fighter who was martyred in Rojava, were read.