YPS-JIN: Take action and attack the rapist AKP system everywhere!

Mothers and women are the center of life. The AKP government wants to turn them into slaves for men and birth machines."

The coordination of the Civil Women's Defense Units YPS-JIN spoke up again about the attacks on women and children in Turkey.

“The violence against women and children has reached a new peak,” YPS-JIN said in a statement and stressed that: “Male aggressiveness against women is the result of the state's rapist mentality. The more the AKP tries to organize itself within society, the greater is the increase in murder, exploitation, lies, individualism, dictatorship and oppression. Because that is the basis on which the AKP exists."

The state as a rapist

The statement added: “These attacks are made possible by the fascist Erdogan. However, the problem is not individuals. The real problem is the rapist mentality of the state and its government. If the government insists on this mentality, the Istanbul Convention will be annulled. Women will be banned from public space, child marriages will be normalized, prostitution will increase, schooling for women will be seen as unnecessary, women will be stabbed to death on the street, their corpses dismembered and burned in barrels or they would continue to disappear like Gülistan Doku. Women are murdered because their husbands are jealous, because they reject men, because they wear certain clothes, because they haven't prepared dinner, left their homes, or said something. These murders are committed in public so that society can get used to them. From a state perspective, men should regard all of this as their natural right and women should behave accordingly. It is a social sexism that results from a sexist state. Mothers and women are the center of life. The AKP government wants to turn them into slaves for men and birth machines."

Develop self-defense

YPS-JIN continued: “Under no circumstances should women bend over. You cannot accept this situation and have to defend yourself against the AKP fascism and this aggressive rapist mentality. Women have the right to protect themselves in every way from the physical and ideological attacks carried out by the state and men. You have to fight back actively. The spirit that has spread all over the world with Las Tesis campaigns that began in Chile must emerge again."

The AKP system as a target

The statement also said: “The fascist AKP system, its partners and everyone who bears this mentality are our targets. This is an open warning to all those making profit from the bodies of women and to all persons who use state fascism against women and children.

We appeal to Kurdish, Turkish, Armenian, Assyrian, Circassian, Laz and all other women: Defend yourself against the rapist government of the AKP and take action! Until this government is overthrown, feminicides will never end. Young women in particular have to become active and organize themselves against the existing state system. As the leading force, the AKP must be attacked everywhere."