YPJ liberates four women imprisoned in Hol Camp – Video

4 women who were chained up with signs of severe torture inside a tent in the Hol camp have been liberated by the YPJ.

The YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) published a video documenting the liberation of 4 women who were chained up with signs of severe torture inside a tent in the Hol camp.

The video shows the operation conducted by the YPJ as part of Operation Humanity & Security 2.

According to a YPJ source, they started an investigation in coordination with the Internal Security Forces (ISF) to arrest the people involved in torturing the women.

The operation in the Hol (al-Hawl) Camp near Hesekê is the second phase of the "Humanitarian Security Operation", which was launched in spring last year under the impression of terrorist attacks against residents, humanitarian aid organisations and security forces. The operation is coordinated by the Asayish Command, and units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), including the People's and Women's Defense Units (YPG/YPJ), are supporting the operation.

7000 Yazidi women from Shengal trafficked into slavery

ISIS abducted about 7000 Yazidi women from Shengal into slavery in 2014, some of whom are still in the hands of ISIS supporters in other countries. 2700 to 2800 people are still considered missing. Many of the abducted women were initially taken to Raqqa. During the crushing of the last ISIS enclave in al-Bagouz in eastern Syria in spring 2019, numerous Yazidi women and children were freed. However, not all of them identified themselves as Yazidis for fear of the consequences. During the almost five years of captivity at the hands of ISIS, children in particular were indoctrinated in Islamism and the women were told horror stories about the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The rapes also resulted in many children, which makes the situation even more difficult for the Yazidi women.