YPJ Kobanê Commander: Women became the revolution itself

YPJ (Women's Defense Units) Kobanê Commander Sorxwin Zagros pointed out that the Rojava revolution wasn't related with the leadership of women alone, saying; “Women became the revolution itself in all areas.”

YPJ (Women's Defense Units) Kobanê Commander Sorxwin Zagros spoke to ANF about the influence of the Rojava revolution on women and women's struggle on its fourth anniversary.

Zagros pointed out that the Rojava revolution wasn't related with the leadership of women alone, saying; “Women became the revolution itself in all areas.”

Remarking that the Rojava revolution has not only transformed women into a will but also crushed the dominant point of view of men, Zagros said the struggle of the world's women has also gained a new way out with the women's revolution in Rojava, West Kurdistan.


Rojava revolution has paved the way for women to live with their own values, Zagros said, underlining that "Against the five thousand years old male-dominant mentality that turned women into objects and emptied their essence, Rojava revolution has been a way out for women by uniting them with their true essence, enabling them to express themselves and to remain standing with their own will."

Zagros pointed out that women have met with their own values and belonged back to themselves thanks to the revolution, and told the followings as to the social transformation experienced in the person of women since its beginning; "The revolution enabled a significant women-centered transformation in the social life. The flood of thousands of married, ignored and oppressed women to the ranks of the revolution, represents an important social transformation to us. Similarly, the determinedly enhanced participation of students, workers and young women in the revolution has proved our revolution to be an arena of hope and struggle for women against the oppressive male-dominant system that imposes slavery."


Noting that the participation of women in the revolution went ahead of men in both qualitative and quantitative aspect, Zagros described the Rojava revolution as a women's revolution, adding; "It is not only the support and leadership of women being talked about in the Rojava revolution. Women became the very self of the revolution which took shape with the color of women."

Underlining that the practice of women in Rojava involved the building of every single moment with revolution and efforts to break the traditional slavery imposed on them, Zagros said women in Rojava had a position that defended and fought for freedom and equality in not only battlefield but also daily life.


YPJ Commander also highlighted that women who would previously resign themselves to male-perpetrated violence did not accept it anymore, condemned it and manifested reaction against it now. She said the Rojava revolution has also proved the role of women.

Recalling that fighters and commanders of the YPJ outnumbered male combatants and fought on the very front lines in the Kobanê resistance, Zagros said the battle was being coordinated by women, adding; "Even the ISIS gangs were surprised to see this. They told each other that 'This war is being coordinated by women' in their conversations on radios."

Pointing to the will and reality of women created by revolution in both daily life and battle, Zagros said both Kobanê and entire Rojava territory has become a women's land covered with women's colors.


Zagros remarked that it was a great effort and labor that brought Rojava up to this point.

Calling attention to the participation of women in all areas of the revolution, YPJ Commander said this success of women has also enabled a transformation of men as the male-dominant point of view has been broken down in the face of the will revealed by women in the revolution.


Pointing out that the women's will manifested in the battle has proved the identity of women, YPJ Commander said; "Arin Mirkan and other martyrs of ours became the peak of women's participation and commitment to the revolution. With the Kobanê resistance, the role of women in the revolution has been seen and proved clearly."


Stressing that the Rojava revolution has created a significant perspective and struggle experience with regards to the struggle of the world's women, Zagros said; "The struggle of the world's women has gained a new way out with the Rojava revolution and the Kobanê resistance. The prestige of women's struggle has increased."

Zagros emphasised that the women of the Middle East and the world have also got into the influence of Rojava revolution, which she described as the revolution of all world's women, adding; "Under any circumstances, our revolution will be in solidarity with all women. Wherever a women is oppressed, there will be an area of struggle to us. May the fourth anniversary of our revolution be blessed to all the world's women."