YPJ Congress: Defense is more valuable than bread and water

The main topics discussed in the conference were: the political and military process, 7 years of war practice, restructuring.

Women's Defense Units (YPJ) General Command announced the final declaration of the 2nd YPJ Conference.

In the declaration, the defense for women is said to be “more valuable than bread and water”. The YPJ also added that there is a need to widen the struggle. 

"We will deepen and widen the struggle"

The final declaration said: “With the spirit of Leyla, Avesta's ambition and the slogan ‘Let’s restructure ourselves and end the occupation' we celebrate the 2nd YPJ Conference dedicated to Martyrs Bêrîvan, Jînda, Hebûn Enteriyê, Destan and Karaçox.

As YPJ, we have fought, resisted and struggled with our people in our 7-year struggle. And today, we are going to enter a new struggle process and assume greater responsibilities and duties. We organized our 2nd Conference that was joined by 200 delegates on 1 and 2 June with the awareness of our new term duties. The fact that we organized our conference this month is undoubtedly an expression of a historical meaning for all Middle Eastern women and Kurdish women.

The main topics discussed in our conference were: the political and military process, 7 years of war practice, restructuring. The YPJ regulation was reorganized and decisions on martyrs and education were also planned for the next two years of struggle and practice.”

“We defeated the world’s enemy”

The statement continued: “The YPJ fought against the enemy of mankind, ISIS, with the spirit of patriotism and the memory of all women. We paid a great price to defend people, women and the land. Despite the difficult conditions of the war, the YPJ were not only a step away from the YPG and the SDF, but also managed to become a leading force. As YPJ, we have decided to assume the role of creating a free, democratic and equal society in our conference based on our role as leading force in the defeat of ISIS.”

The statement added: “The conference made important evaluations covering the value of the YPJ 7 years of war practice. We reiterate the promise of being committed to the memory of our martyrs. 

The whole world has witnessed the YPJ war against ISIS. This great struggle has inspired women all over the world. Since the first day of our struggle, women from all over the world, from the have joined the YPJ ranks.”

“Defence and self-defence for women”

The conference also underlined the importance of  self-defense. “The defense is more valuable for women than bread and water. As YPJ, we see ourselves as responsible for the defense of all women and children and we will do what we need to do. The threats to women, children and peoples in the Middle East and Syria have not ended.”

“Professional army”

The YPJ final declaration also said that “we will develop and strengthen ourselves intellectually and militarily in order to strengthen and specialize in the dimension of warfare. In line with this mentality, we felt the need to develop a professional army to be better equipped in the Epochal Resistance. In line with this, we, as YPJ, have among our primary duties that of restructuring ourselves, and have taken important decisions on this.”