YPJ fighters: We will achieve in Raqqa

YPJ combatants are taking an active and leading role in the operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS occupation.

A large number of female combatants are taking part in the operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS. Fighting on the frontlines, women continue striking ISIS in the heart.

The Raqqa operation is of greater importance for YPJ forces who want and fight to liberate the women in ISIS captivity, the Êzidî women who were abducted from Shengal in 2014 and sold in markets in Raqqa.

In footage released by YPJ (Women's Defense Units) Press Office female combatants are seen preparing for operations in the city, determined to defeat ISIS and advancing with great morale.

“The war is going on. We will achieve in Raqqa”, says a YPJ fighter, Sozdar, on her way to an operation.