YJCR’s call for women in Iran and Rojhilat

Eastern Kurdistan Young Women’s Union (YJCR) called on women in Iran and Rojhilat to “participate in the insurgency in a stronger and more organized fashion”.

Eastern Kurdistan Young Women’s Union (YJCR) issued a written statement today on the popular serhildan (uprising) in Iran and Rojhilat.

YJCR called on young women to “participate in the insurgency in a stronger and more organized fashion”.


The YJCR statement published on the website Nuçe Ciwan is as follows:

“The people have been up in arms in Iran and Rojhilate Kurdistan for a week, and they are demanding what is rightfully theirs in a historic insurgency. The revolts in Iran have a historic character. Those who lead this historic insurgency are women and the youth.

The young women in protests in particular have changed the level and color of the demonstrations. In this sense, it is historic for young women to take to the streets and put their mark on the insurgency. Iran has disregarded the rights of young people and women in particular with Sharia policies, and is oppressing a significant portion of society. It is young women who most often object to Iran’s regressive mindset. The political, social and economic crises affect women and young women the worst.


The patriarchal mind’s policies affect young women the most, and these attacks double when the subject is a young woman. Women are the leaders and the most active in the streets against the policies of the male mindset. The youth, the students, the women, the workers, everybody is taking to the streets and shouting out loud for their fundamental rights. The Iranian regime and the whole world should see the significance of these cries and implement immediate changes, basing themselves on democratic rights.


Young women are the fundamental dynamic in society with their identity. The young woman today is distinct with her identity. On these principles, young women need to be organized in this process. They need to fight for their fundamental rights in an organized struggle with a united single voice. Because wherever they are, women and girls are subjected to the same attacks. It is again women who are affected worst by antidemocratic policies. That is why it is a duty for all young women to fight and to rid society of these antidemocratic effects. Young women are responsible for their own defense in particular and society’s self defense in general. Responding to all attacks against women and society and defending themselves and society are their most fundamental rights.

On these principles, we as the YJCR call on all young women who participate in the insurgencies of Iran and Rojhilatê Kurdistan: Let’s participate in the insurgencies in a stronger and more organized fashion. It will be the organized young women who will defeat this dictatorial, invading, patriarchal mindset.”