YJA STAR: We will fight to the last drop of blood, won’t allow an occupation

"We state that we will fight against the Turkish operations and we will not allow any occupation in these lands,” said the Kurdish women’s army.

The YJA STAR (Free Women's Troops) Central Headquarters Command made a written statement about the invasion attacks of the Turkish state on guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

The statement said the following:

“The colonialist and invading Turkish state launched annihilation operations dubbed Claw-Lightning and Claw-Thunderbolt against the Zap, Avashin and Metina areas on April 23rd. In response to these operations, YJA STAR and HPG (Peoples’ Defense Forces) guerrillas launched revolutionary offensives Bazên Zagrosê and Cenga Xabur. The Turkish army, which could not overcome the defeat and shock it encountered with the Garê Victory developed under the command of Comrade Şoreş Beytüşşebap, is now facing another historic defeat in Zap, Metina and Avashin.


First of all, we greet the resistance of all our commands and fighters who actively participate in these offensives; We revere our comrades Ekin, Asya, Çiyager and Dilşêr with respect and remember all our revolutionary martyrs with gratitude. As a women's army, we learned from our martyrs to be women, to live with honor, to love freely, to resist and to fight bravely. As we learned from our history; we will resist and triumph by resistance!

There is a matter to life and death in Kurdistan today. The Turkish operation is not just any operation. Our guerrilla forces know very well that this operation is an offensive seeking to exterminate the Kurdish people and to destroy the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. As YJA STAR commanders and fighters, we state that we will fight against these operations to the last drop of blood and we will not allow any occupation in these lands. As YJA STAR guerrillas, we promised our Leader, our people and our martyrs to liberate Kurdistan. Whatever the enemy does, we will stick to our path.

As YJA STAR Central Headquarters Command, we state that all our commanders and fighters will resist this war of destruction with great enthusiasm, faith, passion and guerrilla tactics of the new era. Mountains, cities and streets of Kurdistan should turn into a battleground. War is no longer limited to Kurdistan and everyone should do their best. 2021 will be the year of the freedom guerrilla marching to victory. The Apoist self-sacrificing spirit in the Garê Victory will be spread in Zagros, Zap, Metina, Botan, Amed, Serhat, Dersim and Garzan, and will deal the enemy a historic defeat in 2021.

As YJA STAR Central Headquarters Command, we reiterate that our participation will be in line with Comrade Zilan, and we declare that we will remove the dangers on our Leader and our Movement in 2021 based on the performance and lifestyle of our Comrade Zilan.”