YJA-STAR guerrillas: Each March 8 is a new step for freedom

YJA-STAR guerrillas celebrating March 8 in Medya Defense Zones said they dedicated this year’s International Women’s Day to Afrin, stressing that each March 8 is a new step for freedom.

Guerrillas of the Free Women’s Troops (YJA-STAR) are celebrating March 8 International Women’s Day from Medya Defense Zones to Zagros Mountains.

YJA-STAR guerrillas spoke to the ANF on occasion of the International Women’s Day.


YJA Star guerrilla Avrîn Garzan stated that March 8 is a great source of morale for the guerrillas in the mountains, and that they attach great meaning to this day. Remarking that each March 8 is a new step for freedom, Avrîn Garzan said they dedicate this year’s International Women’s Day to Afrin. Garzan said; “It gives us hope and happiness that the efforts made by our Leader for women’s liberation have reached the level of women’s becoming an army today. As YJA-STAR guerrillas, we will fight in order to carry our Leader’s efforts to great objectives. We are the defense force of not only Kurdish women but of all the women in the world. At this time when fascism acquires dimension and the Turkish state’s invasion attacks increase, it is important that March 8 is celebrated with strong participation and women enhance the struggle. We start the year of 2018 with the goal of victory.”


Another YJA Star guerrilla Zelal Agirî celebrated March 8 for all the women that are fighting against Turkish state’s invasion on Afrin fronts, and all the women. Pointing out the importance of March 8 for the women that took to the mountains for freedom struggle, Zelal Agirî said the following; “It has a great meaning for me that several guerrilla comrades gather and celebrate March 8 in Zagros territory. We have reached these days thanks to the endeavor of Leader Apo and our martyrs and it is our duty to enhance this struggle in a manner that is worthy of it. For this reason, today has a special meaning for women. We are witnessing the resistance of women fighting on the frontlines in Afrin. I wish a happy March 8 to our mothers, combatants on the frontline, and all the women of the world.”