YJŞ: Organized women are the best response to the genocide

Shengal Women’s Units said, “We remember with respect all the martyrs of the resistance and the martyrs of the genocide in the person of the Shengal resistance martyrs Berivan, Nujiyan, Tekoşin and Zilan.”

Shengal Women’s Units (YJŞ) Command issued a written statement on their official website for the 4th anniversary of the 74th genocide and said the attacks aimed to annihilate their identity.

The Shengal Women’s Units Command statement is as follows:

We are witnessing the 4th anniversary of the 74th genocide that happened on August 3, 2014. We remember with respect all the martyrs of the resistance and the martyrs of the genocide in the person of the Shengal resistance martyrs Berivan, Nujiyan, Tekoşin and Zilan. With the promise of loyalty to the martyrs and with the memory of the martyrs of the resistance, we promise that the acceleration of the struggle and the spirit of the vengeance of the liberation of Yazidi women will be the eternal truth of the freedom of all the women of Shengal.


After the developing culture of nation states in the history of peoples, invading forces have always used violence and coercion to attack the memory and faith of minority nation societies. Minority nation societies with different faiths have always faced attacks and massacres in the Middle East, and the 74th genocide was sent upon us. We have suffered a lot, and paid a heavy price, but we have organized our revenge today. So, as the Yazidi society, we have reached this day, defending our existence, our identity and our sacred defense faith with our YBŞ-YJŞ organizations against the attacks of the 74th genocide. In 4 years of resistance, we took our place in the historic stage with the goal to defend our values, and developed our religion, faith and existence. The attacks against the Yazidi society were attacks against Yazidi women, the most ancient culture and the true history of the land, who always faced death, abduction and murder.


As the Yazidi people, we were subjected to a genocide and an unprecedented genocide at the hands of ISIS gangs organized by racist and fascist powers and the nation state on August 3, 2014. Different faiths in Shengal were also subjected to this massacre, on account of being minority nations. The aim of these attacks was to annihilate our identity, and the attacks have resulted in the death of hundreds of children, women and elderly people. Hundreds of women were seen as the spoils of war and sold off in interstate markets and bazaars. At the time of the massacre, YJA-Star and YPJ forces heeded to the cries of our Yazidi people and women, and it was seen there that organized women are the best response to the genocide. As such, today as an organized force on the anniversary of this massacre, we built our own strength with the spirit of vengeance for all women of Shengal and today we have become a hope for all women of our lands with our vengeance spirit on the path to becoming a bonfire. As a result of 4 years of women’s resistance in Shengal and the struggle, and of course due to Leader Apo’s philosophy of the indispensability of women’s freedom in a society, by the 4 years of martyrs in the resistance, the liberation of the people of Shengal will be finalized with the liberation of Shengal’s women and become the foundation for success.


On this basis, as the YJŞ, as the defense forces of the women of Shengal, to defend our values, to exist, to uphold the gains of 4 years of resistance and the dreams of the martyrs in the sacred lands of Shengal, we are calling on the peoples of the Middle East and the whole world that our existence will be our promise for vengeance and the freedom of the future until our last drop of blood. Calling on humanity, women’s forces organized for freedom and all powers: Recognize our organized will and support it so we can increase the struggle for the freedom of the Middle East, the world and all women. With the flag of resistance we were given by our heroic martyrs, we salute all martyrs of freedom in the person of the martyrs of the resistance against the 74th genocide, and repeat our promise to uphold their goals. We promise to fight without bounds until the last woman is saved from the enemy, and we will be the guarantee for all women and children in our society.”