Women in Dersim and Şırnak kick off activities for 8 March

HDP Dersim Women's Council kicked off the 8 March International Women's Day celebration by saying "Our rebellion is for our freedom". In Şırnak and its districts, cards were sent to women prisoners as part of the 8 March events.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Dersim Women's Assembly kicked off the 8 March, International Women's Day by saying "Our rebellion is for our freedom". Many women attended the meeting held at the HDP Dersim Provincial Organization building.

‘We will ensure justice for women’

HDP Dersim Provincial co-chair Nurşat Yeşil said in a statement that they will not give up their rights and lives. Yeşil added: “We will rebel against male state violence, rights violations, abductions and disappearances, women's massacres, harassment and rape, strip searches, isolation conditions and all kinds of violence and hatred against women. Our revolt against their rhetoric is our freedom. We call it justice for women. We do not give up our rights and lives. We will ensure justice for women. We expect all women to take to the streets on 8 March.”


Within the scope of the 8 March activities in Şırnak and its districts, women sent cards to women prisoners.

Women joined the action promoted by Tevgera Jinên Azad (Free Women's Movement-TJA) and HDP Women's Council and sent 8 March cards to women prisoners in Silopi and Cizre districts.