TJK-E condemns silence surrounding killing of al-Harmoush and al-Khedr

"The murder of Sada al-Harmoush and her deputy Hind al-Khedr, was yet another attack on the free women's will" said TJK-E. ISIS claimed responsibility for the double murder.

In a written statement the European Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-E) condemned the silence surrounding the double murder of Sada al-Harmoush and her deputy Hind al-Khedr  and said: "We will remove the occupying forces. Dictator Erdogan will lose."

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the double killing.

The TJK-E statement added: "The Rojava Revolution developed under the leadership of women and reflects the influence of both the organized people groups and the organized power of women to the peoples of the Middle East and the world. For this reason, the Rojava Revolution is defined as a women's revolution.”

The statement adde: "Women who have been locked up at home for five thousand years have become the leading force of the struggle for freedom and the fearful dream of fascist systems". No regime, system or dictator can prevent this struggle. Nobody can prevent the resistance of Kurdish women who are inspired and admired by the whole world."

The statement reminded that the co-chair of Til El Şayir in Rojava, Sada al-Harmoush and her deputy Hind al-Khedr , were killed.

“These killings – said the statement - targeted the Rojava Revolution, and the stable and safe environment provided in Rojava. We reject these attacks against a free and egalitarian life founded on the basis of a democratic nation. These massacres show how much the power fears free women. With this massacre, a new crime has been added to the list of dictator Erdogan's crimes.”

The statement also added: “We strongly condemn the silence of the international community, international women's organizations and legal organizations against crimes against women. We call these institutions and organizations to fulfill their responsibilities. We extend our condolences to the families of the martyrs. We promise to increase the struggle against all fascist and genocidal attacks aimed at women's will and freedom. We reiterate our determination to protect women's gains and rights and state that we will eradicate this fascist system from its roots.”