'Women should play an active role and unite'

The congress of the North and East Syrian Women's Assembly has started. Participants encourage women to play an active role in drafting a new constitution for Syria.

The 1st Congress of the North and East Syrian Women's Assembly has kicked off at Rojava University in Qamishlo under the motto ‘Women's revolution is the guarantee of a democratic and free society’. Political representatives from North and East Syria, Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Women's Internal Security Forces, Women's Defense Unit (YPJ), Council of Martyrs' Families, North and East Syrian Foreign Relations Office and Kongreya Star representatives are attending the congress.

Speaking here, Asya Abdullah, member of the North and East Syrian Women's Council Coordination, said that the current global health and economic crisis was organized by capitalist states. She emphasized that a struggle against these plans that target the peoples of North and East Syria should be carried out.


“We must protect the gains achieved in the region. Women should resolve the crisis and play an active role in drafting the Syrian Constitution," Abdullah said.

Abdullah expressed that women's political organizations in Syria should be united to draft the Constitution. She emphasized that they should expose the policies carried out against women in the occupied regions.


Speaking on behalf of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), Emine Omer noted that the congress was being held under difficult conditions. “This congress is of great importance as women resist all obstacles within the Autonomous Administration”. Linking the cause of the crisis in Syria to the silence of the international public, Omer said, “The international community should find a solution to the Syrian crisis, especially to the violence against women in the occupied areas.”

Omer said that women should also take part in a political solution. Referring to the crimes committed by the invading Turkish state in the occupied regions, she remarked that the aim of the Turkish state is to destroy the Kurds and the people in the region.


Cîhan Xidro made a speech on behalf of the North and East Syrian Autonomous Administration. Pointing out that there is a need for women's unity in northern and eastern Syria, Xidro stressed that women should participate in making significant decisions. “Various foreign powers are trying to defeat the democratic project in North and East Syria. However, our resistance is permanent. It is based on the democratic nation principle and the gains achieved by the martyrs,” Xidro said. She pointed out that they will continue their struggle in North and East Syria until a platform is established where all women in Syria will participate, permanent rights are achieved, and a new future is built for Syria.

Speaking on behalf of the YPJ, Sewsen Ferhad emphasized that women take part in regional security and play an important role.

“Let's show the whole world that women will protect the society, Ferhad said.

After the speeches, the Council of Martyrs' Families and the Gazi Institution were awarded.