Women’s economy in Rojava

Women have taken the lead in the Rojava Revolution, establishing women’s foundations and cooperatives for the participation of women in social and economic life as well as women’s academies, self-defence forces and many other agencies.

Women have taken the lead in the Rojava Revolution, establishing various institutions which include foundations, cooperatives and self-defence academies for the participation of women in social life and politics. Women in Rojava have now started to set up cooperatives seeking to create a women's economy in order to ensure their participation in the economic life.

In the Cizîrê Canton of Rojava women have founded 9 cooperatives and 2 bakeries in an attempt to build equality between men and women in the economy as well.

Four agricultural cooperatives have been founded in Derik, Qamişlo, Rimelan and Tirbespiye districts. The cooperatives plan the wheat production and its sale, while 4 cooperatives in the textile sector and for milk production have also been established in addition to 2 bakeries. The number of women employed in these cooperatives has already reached around 100.

The aim of building specific women’s cooperatives is to ensure equality between men and women in economic life and to strengthen the role of women in social life. The women's cooperatives are built under the auspices of the women's communes, the basic social units at the grassroots level. The women who want to work in these cooperatives first apply to the communes to which they are affiliated and are afterwards directed to the cooperatives according to their competence and needs. Besides being provided with work at women’s cooperatives, they also have priority in the general ones.

According to information provided by the women executives in the organisation of the economic sector, women’s interest in working in the cooperatives is increasing while it is not so easy to build the cooperatives and to attract women initially.

The contribution made by the works conducted for the last one year is the fact that they women have become aware of their own strength and gained self-confidence by working in the cooperatives and participating in the economic life, which also increases the power of women to change.