Women’s communes being established in Girê Spi

Women’s House and Kongreya Star securing women’s strong role in society.

The Women’s House and Kongreya Star are continuing to work to organize women in Girê Spi's Ayn Îsa district.

Women’s communes have been set up in every borough and province to secure a strong role of women in the society.

Four communes have already been established in the province since the beginning, on 19 February, of communal work.

The executives of the Women’s House stated that they would continue their work in the villages to ensure communes are established in all the neighbourhoods of the province.

The communes are generally made up of at least 6 people and are organised in commissions working on issue such as culture, health, economy, education and peace.

Women's House Manager Xewla Abdulcebar underlined the importance of their work with women who are a strong component of the society and one which had suffered most from war and discrimination.