Women of Deir ez-Zor organize

Al-Basira Women’s Assembly continues to organize under women’s communes to resolve issues women face.

Women have been subjected to massacres, tyranny and all manner of mistreatment after the Deir ez-Zor region was invaded by ISIS gangs. But with the SDF liberating the area, women started to organize under communes and assemblies to play their role of leaders in society.

Al-Basira Women’s Assembly was formed on May 15, 2018 as part of organizing efforts. Every member of the assembly has completed education programs focusing on the understanding of the democratic nation and women’s leading role in the construction of a moral-political society.

Al-Basira Women’s Assembly has formed 65 women’s communes in Al-Sabha, Al-Shahil, Al-Jadid and Al-Bahira villages.

The committee working hardest in the assembly has been the Reconciliation Committee, which has resolved 675 out of the 700 issues brought to their attention to date.

Al-Basira Women’s Assembly administrator Fatma al-Hisen spoke about their efforts and said women have been offered education programs and issues facing women in the region are being resolved.

Al-Hisen said they are trying to mend the damage ISIS caused in women through solidarity, and that they are working to develop women’s organizations.