Women met to prepare the 15th edition of the Zilan Festival

Women responded to the call of the Women's Peace Bureau (CENI) and the Kurdish Women's Movement of Germany (YJKE) and met in Cologne, to discuss the preparations for the Zilan Women's Festival on 22 June.

The 15th edition of the Zilan Women's Festival in Germany will be held in Leverkusen.

CENI and YJKE met in Cologne to check the progress in the preparation of the festival. Yazidi and Alevi women joined the meeting, which was attended by one representative from all the states of Germany.

The festival's main theme will be the hunger strike resistance. The hunger strike against isolation led by HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven, will be commended as will the struggle promoted by the mothers wearing white headscarves. 

The Zilan Women's Festival is expected to host many different speakers, including some of the hunger strikers who recently ended their action, women's organizations, HDP, German labor unions, German and European lawmakers.

Children also will have their special space. There will be activities like clown and face painting at the festival where a children's park will be organized.

The panel of the festival this year will be titled “Violence against women is political, it could be you.”

Many artists have been invited to the festival: Eylem Aktaş, Chopy, Deniz Deman and Serenat Ezgican.

The Erbane dance group will also take part in the program. Kewe will be performing sketch.

The festival will introduce different cuisine for the first time this year. Food and plates from Rojava, Rojhilat, German, Maras, Mardin, Dersim-Karakoçan, Serhat, Urfa will be presented.