"Women-Led Uprising in Iran" conference to be hosted at European Parliament

"Women Led Uprising in Iran: Iran at the crossroads between Repression or Revolution?" conference at the European Parliament on 6 June.

The Iranian Democratic Platform and the Brussels Kurdish Institute are holding the “Women Led Uprising in Iran: Iran at the crossroads between Repression or Revolution?” on 6 June in Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union. The conference, which will be held between 10am and 6pm in the Spinelli 1G2 Hall of the European Parliament, is organized in partnership with the European Left, Progressive Socialists & Democrats and European Greens.

The program of the conference, that will be attended by MEPs, women's movement  activists, representatives of workers' organizations and political parties, is as follows:

Costas Mavrides, EP member of the Alliance of Progressive Socialists and Democrats Group (S&D) in the European Parliament, will open the conference; Iranian Democratic Platform Spokesperson Azad Karimi and Women's Movement Activist Ellahe Sadr will deliver speeches.

Historical origins of the current crisis

The first panel to be moderated by Rojin Mukriyan will discuss the origins of the current crisis in Iran. Speakers of the panel will be: Greens Group/European Free Alliance and Member of Kurdish Friendship Group in the EP Parliamentarian François Alfonsi, Professor Abbas Vali, Spokesperson of Azerbaijan-Iran Democratic Party Simin Sabri, Meysam Beit Seyed, one of Iran's labor leaders and organizer of worker protests in Ahvaz, Ahvaz-Arab human rights activist, UNPO project manager Shima Silavi, Women's Movement Activist Fariba Balouch.

Kurd's responsibilities in Iran's democratization

In the second panel to be held in the afternoon, “Kurdish Perspectives and Responsibilities in Iran's Democratization” will be discussed.

Among the speakers of this section, which will be moderated by Diman Sohrabi, are Ebrahim Alizadeh, the spokesperson of the Kurdistan Organization of the Iranian Communist Party, Komala, the leader of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDPI), Mustafa Hijri, and the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) Co-chair Siamand Moeini.

The panel will be followed by a Q&A session.

Solution proposals

The third panel, moderated by Soheila Shariari, is titled “The way forward: Proposals for a solution”. In this section, European Parliament Left Group - GUE/NGL Parliamentarian Silvia Modig, Balochistan People's Party Spokesperson Nasser Boladai, Arab Struggle for the Liberation of Al-Ahvaz Secretary General Said Hamidan, Eastern Kurdistan Free Women's Association Representative Maryam Fathi will make presentations.

The conference program will end with a closing speech.