'Women increase the resistance against attacks'

In a statement on November 25, the Initiative of Yeni Kadın (New Woman) emphasized the fact that as the attacks increase, women overcome obstacles and borders and increase the resistance.

The Initiative of Yeni Kadın (New Woman) made a written statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, November 25.

The statement said, “We welcome November 25 this year under the shadow of the attacks increasing on the pretext of pandemic”.

“According to the statistics of UN Women, in 2020, 125 women were murdered by the end of August in Germany alone, 14 in Belgium, 68 in France by the end of September, 18 in Austria by their spouse, ex-wife or partner. We know that these data are just the tip of the iceberg.

While daily work and care services in the home increased, so did the exploitation of women's domestic labor, while paid or unpaid women's labor became more devalued.

As healthcare workers, 70 percent of whom are women, fight at the forefront against COVID-19, adequate measures are not taken for the multiple risks they face, both for their health and safety.

The measures taken to prevent the spread of the pandemic are turned into opportunities by racist / fascist organizations and racism, which is already on the rise across Europe, is escalating.”


The statement continued; “While all kinds of violence against women are on the rise, the women's struggle has also grown. Saying 'ni menos' [Spanish for "Not one [woman] less"], women write their own history, and their riots go beyond borders and continents. Women are taking to the streets, saying 'The Istanbul Convention Keeps Alive'. We shout out in order to be the wings of the Mirabel sisters and to move the world for our lives / our rights.”