Women in Shengal speak out against child marriage

In Iraq and South Kurdistan there has been an increase in sexual assault against women and children, killings of women and suicide. 

Yazidi women in Shengal spoke to Rojnews about the reasons for the increase of suicide cases.

Nurê Xwedêda: It is true, there is an increase in suicide cases in Shengal. One of the main causes of suicide is child marriage. Women cannot cope with the reality imposed on them, which mean taking responsibility for a large house at a young age. Unfortunately often the burden is too heavy and the young women opt for suicide. 

‘Women do not commit suicide if they are free’

Selala Shengali: Social pressures on women should be lifted. Pressures against women often result in suicide decision. Women want to work outside the house. Many families prevent women from working outside. Women are imprisoned inside the house and are confined to housework. Women must be free to chose what they want to do. This will help to reduce suicide rate. 

‘Suicide cases increased after the genocide’

TAJÊ Member Hena Elyas: After the Shengal genocide, there has been an increase in sucide among women. Yazidi families, institutions, authorities should work to prevent women to find in suicide their only way out from despair. Another cause of suicide is child marriage. Women should study, be able to work and stand on their feet. The more women are liberated and independent the less suicide is an option.